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Start Andy Dalton or Eli Manning?

Start Andy Dalton or Eli Manning?

I'm not saying it's a great situation, but at least you've got options.

I'll do my best to help you make an informed decision about two average quarterbacks. Because I get it. You've got them both (maybe you dropped Tom Brady and someone else snagged him up) so now the question looms:

Who do I start?

First, let's look at the simple response.

The Easy Answer

Andy Dalton has the Jacksonville Jaguars in week nine, with the expected return of A.J. Green to boost his value. That would make him the default choice over Eli Manning.

Plus, it's his birthday. Of course you've got to start him this week.

But is it really wise to assume that every QB who plays Jacksonville will light them up?

The Jaguars haven't allowed more than 13 fantasy points to opposing QBs over the last four weeks. Their only really bad outings against QBs were in weeks three and four against the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers.

Those were bad games for Jacksonville's defense and are primarily why they rank 21st in fantasy points allowed to opposing QBs.

So it's far from a slam dunk for Dalton

The Argument for Manning

Manning's opponents, the Colts, are actually ranked 22nd in the NFL against opposing QBs.

Part of that low ranking is the 44 point outing Ben Roethlisberger put up against them in week eight. And with Andrew Luck likely to put up some big numbers again in week nine, Manning may have to do a lot of throwing to keep up with him.

Manning has also had only one game in which he's failed to throw for a touchdown, which came in that terrible week six debacle against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dalton has had three games with no TD passes, having somewhat made up for it with a receiving score.

But you can't count on Dalton to catch a TD every week.

Manning has by far been the more consistent of the two.

The Argument for Dalton

Dalton's appeal has already been discussed in part and it's actually quite limited.
  1. He has the Jaguars this week.
  2. He'll get A.J. Green back.
It feels brief, but that pretty much sums up his value for week nine.

Because aside from the awesome TD catch in week three and two rushing TDs in week eight, Dalton has been an incredibly uninteresting fantasy commodity. And it's not as though he's had terrible games, but he's just not at all what you would expect from a guy who is only a year-removed from being a top-five fantasy QB.

I suppose you could call him the "safe" play. Think 15 fantasy points, that is, if he gets a TD to Green.

If that appeals to you over Manning's potential, I'd say you're in the minority.

Go with Manning

I always like to give you an answer when I write these, so this is it.

If you're debating between Dalton and Manning, Manning is your guy for the aforementioned reasons.

Best of luck to you in week nine.

Who Are You Starting?

Let me know who you're going with over at Twitter and Google Plus.

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3 Things to Keep Liking About Ahmad Bradshaw

What a bonus Ahmad Bradshaw has been this year.

I mean, no one predicted that he'd be able to do anything in the Indianapolis Colts backfield, especially with such a heavy investment in Trent Richardson.

And yes, Richardson was (and continues to be) terrible, but oh...the injuries!

The injuries to Bradshaw, they just never stop. How will Bradshaw ever be fantasy relevant in a situation like that? 

I would have agreed with this during the offseason.

Who knows, maybe I actually said (or wrote) it. I'm sure I thought it at one point or another when I was contemplating whether or not Richardson could pull his fantasy relevancy out of the fire.

But Bradshaw has proven his worth in stunning fashion, with seven touchdowns through seven weeks of football. That's good enough to make him the sixth best running back in fantasy, heading into a fabulous matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers who have allowed 53 points to opposing RBs over the last two weeks.

And if that's not enough to convince you to stick with Bradshaw, here are a few more reasons.

1. Andrew Luck

Who do you think has caught the most touchdown passes from Andrew Luck?

Well, Dwayne Allen has five, which is pretty good. But Bradshaw has six, making him Luck's favorite red zone target at this point in the season.

It also gives him the league-lead in TD catches among RBs.

A lot of people might not like that about Bradshaw, because it shows that he's not getting many carries. To be honest, that's a good problem to have when your quarterback is the best in the NFL and leads the way in fantasy points.

Also consider that with Richardson likely not to play this week, Bradshaw should get plenty of work

In either case, I'd rather have Bradshaw running routes than carrying the football and getting hurt.

2. Reggie Wayne and the Receivers

Reggie Wayne has already been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Steelers and he'd only had one TD on the year anyway. Give one more to T.Y. Hilton and two for Hakeem Nicks.

Now let's look at the tight ends and RBs.

Remember, five for Allen. Add three TDs to Coby Fleener, Bradshaw's six and one more to TE Jack Doyle. For whatever reason, Luck is not throwing TDs to his receivers.

He's just not.

I can't explain it, but I know that it bodes well for the fantasy value of Bradshaw and the Colts TEs.

So again, we shouldn't lament the fact that Bradshaw doesn't get many carries. He's Luck's guy near the end zone and that doesn't look to change anytime soon, with or without Wayne in the lineup.

3. He didn't cost you anything.

Hopefully, you didn't draft Bradshaw in the fourth round.

You shouldn't have drafted him at all.

Was he in the notebook that you were frantically leafing through before your draft started? I doubt it. And if you were, you're a genius and quite frankly, a bit scary.

No, you grabbed him off waivers and he has ended up filling a valuable spot for you. And while it might be tempting to think, "He's got to have a bad game coming up," fight that feeling and keep him in.


Because a bad game for Bradshaw is cheap for you. It's not like the Adrian Peterson owners or the LeSean McCoy owners early in the season.

We like Bradshaw because he's productive and affordable.

Stick with him.

What do you think?

Is Bradshaw due for a bad game? Will he finish as a top-ten fantasy RB?

Let us know over at Twitter and Google Plus.

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Which Denver Broncos Receivers Have the Best Fantasy Value Against the Chargers?

Which Denver Broncos Weapon Has the Best Fantasy Value Against the Chargers?
There are usually two Peyton Manning sweepstakes winners on a weekly basis.

First, the Manning owner.

Of course.

The second winner? How about whoever starts the favored weapon-of-choice on Denver's offense? Be it Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas or perhaps a rejuvenated Wes Welker, somebody will benefit from playing in Manning's system.

Game Preview and Info

In weeks five and seven, Demaryius Thomas has been the guy, carrying the most fantasy value out of all Manning's targets.

But can we expect anything different Thursday Night against the San Diego Chargers?

Let's look at the Denver receivers and their fantasy value on Thursday Night Football.

Demaryius Thomas

The Chargers defense is seventh overall against opposing wide receivers in fantasy.

Though it's also worth noting that they haven't faced any receivers that you would consider elite.

Even still, outside of allowing 250 yards and four touchdowns to WRs in week seven against the Oakland Raiders, the Chargers have made a habit of stopping passing attacks. They currently rank third in the NFL in that category.

Since Thomas has enjoyed three weeks of success, expect the law of averages to catch up with him in the form of San Diego's secondary.

Quick tackling and pressure on Manning will force Thomas into some snuffed out screen plays for negative yardage and more drops than usual.


We're still starting Thomas and hoping that he solves the Chargers secondary, thereby continuing his big-game streak.

Yet our optimism is more cautious than usual.

Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders runs into the same problem that Thomas does; a stingy secondary and pass defense. However, I would argue that he has a little more appeal, simply because he's a slot receiver who could provide some security for Manning if he needs to get rid of the ball quicker.

Which Denver Broncos Weapon Has the Best Fantasy Value Against the Chargers?
While the TDs haven't been there, Sanders has already had three games of over 100 yards receiving.

Look for him to snag one of the TDs tonight and pile up decent yardage.


To this point we've given Manning 17 completions and one TD. We'll divvy up the rest between Welker and Julius Thomas.

Wes Welker

Welker is in the same conversation with Sanders, but has historically struggled (never had a TD) against San Diego. What's worse, Manning hasn't been targeting him as of late.

Over the last two weeks he's only had four receptions.



I wouldn't expect Welker to be a non-factor, but he's not somebody that Manning is relying on at this point. Look for him to catch a few passes in the slot, but cede the scoring to Sanders and the next guy on our list.

Julius Thomas

The man doesn't catch a lot of passes, but he's Manning's go-to guy in the red zone. As good as Thomas is, the Chargers have held opposing tight ends to only one TD all year.

That's brutal news for Orange Julius.

Which Denver Broncos Weapon Has the Best Fantasy Value Against the Chargers?
In fact, San Diego is the third-best team in the league defending against that position.

Will the No. 1 ranked TE still get in the end zone?


He'll be efficient and he'll get his score, but again, I'd keep optimism on the cautious end for this week.

Ronnie Hillman

Even with the short week, I don't think the Chargers will hold Denver to only two TDs.

With Montee Ball out for at least this week's game, Ronnie Hillman remains the every-down back for the Broncos, a role which he's performed well in the last two contests.

If we assume that the Denver passing game will be slower, Hillman should get involved in the offense and at least have the opportunity to score. Keep in mind, the Chargers have only allowed two rushing TDs on the year.

Maybe he'll catch a pass for six.

Either way, Hillman will be a big factor in the game and a high-end RB2 in all formats.


Something to Share?

If you've got thoughts, disagreements or constructive criticism to share, let me know about it over at Twitter and Google Plus.

P.S. Denver struggles, but wins this game: 24-20

Stats courtesy of ESPN.

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Robert Griffin is Returning to Practice: Fantasy Value Going Up?

Kirk Cousins has been terrible, just in time for Robert Griffin III to return to practice.

Hopefully this will set aside, once and for all, the nonsense about Cousins being "the" guy for the Washington Redskins.

Because we know that Colt McCoy isn't "the" guy, even though he'll likely get to play through the Redskin's Monday night game against the Dallas Cowboys.

"But given the news that he is returning to practice, his return to the field makes the chances he ever starts a game again in Washington about 100%."- Jason Lisk

Yet his (oddly) speedy recovery from a dislocated ankle has made him fantasy relevant once again and worth a look for owners who are in bad quarterback situations. Griffin is a wild card, sure, with the injury history, but he still has tremendous offensive upside.

Let's put it this way; he's got the potential to be a much better choice than Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton and Geno Smith, just to name a few.

So why not grab him off waivers before word of his miraculous recovery spreads?

Griffin's Schedule

Despite Gruden's optimism, I'm going to assume that Griffin doesn't play on Monday night.

I'm also going to assume that after a short week, he doesn't play the following Sunday either, just to keep it conservative.

That pegs his return for November 16th against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, followed by San Francisco, Indianapolis, St. Louis and the New York Giants.

At this point in the season the Buccaneers are the 32nd ranked overall defense.

We'll take it.

On the less appealing side, the 49ers and Colts are ranked second and third respectively in overall defense. St. Louis and New York come in at 23 and 25.  Washington finishes the season against Philadelphia and Dallas, who's defenses rank 24th and 14th respectively.

So you get one terrible defense, to go along with three that are decent and three more that are perhaps not so decent.

The schedule could be better, but it could also be worse.

We wouldn't mind Griffin against the Minnesota Vikings either, should he be ready to go in week nine.


Washington's offense actually ranks fifth in overall yardage.

They're also putting up 290 passing yards per game, good for fourth in the NFL.

Bizarre. Who would've guessed that?

That's got to be a product of Gruden's gameplan and the fact that the Redskins are 21st in rushing. So this brings up a couple questions:

First, when Griffin returns, can we expect him to carry this offensive torch and put up a lot of passing yards? Second, will Gruden expect his quarterback to fill more of a pocket-passer role and avoid scrambling?

You've got to think that Gruden will look to avoid putting Griffin's ankle (or his health in general) in jeopardy any further. Doesn't it just seem like Griffin is one of the most brittle and fragile players in the NFL?

I'm nervous to even watch him run, because it seems like he's made of glass sometimes.

So the Washington coaching staff is likely to say, "Hey, we've been throwing the ball well to this point in the season. Let's stick with what's been working."

Will Griffin fit that mold? Can he be productive without running? Can he avoid getting hurt again?

Robert Griffin is Returning to Practice: Fantasy Value Going Up?
My personal opinion is that Griffin will do a little better if he can just drop back into the pocket and throw. It'll be easier for him if his coach tells him not to worry about scrambling and making things happen with his feet.

Besides, the Redskins offense is loaded with play makers.

All Griffin has to do is put the ball in their hands and establish a rhythm. Get the ball to DeSean Jackson in open space, or run a slant route to Pierre Garcon and let him beat the secondary. Griffin doesn't have to be the Swiss-Army Knife of this team.

He'll have upside if he settles down and plays in the offense that he's been given. Imagine if Tom Brady had Garcon and Jackson.

If Brady can make it work with Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell, you've got to believe that Griffin can flourish with his own supporting cast.

Worth Starting?

So do you start him?

That's a more difficult question to answer and it honestly depends on your QB situation, some of which are pretty bad right now.

Deeper leagues are a no-brainer. If you're trying to limp along with Fitzpatrick or perhaps one of the rookies, stash Griffin until he's healthy. If you're the nervous Joe Flacco or Eli Manning owner, you might want to bide your time and wait to see what Griffin does in his first game back.

You can still stash him, but I'd be a little more hesitant to give him the start.

In other words, it depends on how desperate you are.

In an ideal world, you'd get to see him back on the field before you give him the reigns to your fantasy team.

Let us know what you think over at Twitter and Google Plus.

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Ronnie Hillman's Fantasy Value Going Forward (October 2014)

Ronnie Hillman's Fantasy Value Going Forward (October 2014)
On October 7th, 2014, SB Nation did an article on the fluidity of Montee Ball's medical situation and how he could be out of the lineup for more than a month with the groin injury he sustained against the Arizona Cardinals back on October 5th.

Yet as Ronnie Hillman continues to impress, the extent of Ball's injury is becoming a less critical issue.

Why's that?

Because the Denver Broncos are, quite frankly, running great without him.

In other words, Hillman is putting Ball out of a job.

Ronnie Hillman's Rushing in Two Games Without Ball
Courtesy of

Tyler Murray of Sports Injury Alert has noted that it's becoming increasingly unlikely for Ball to return to his previous role, considering the nature of his injury, poor play to start the season and Hillman's success in his absence.

If we assume a November 7th return for Ball, Hillman will have the job for at least two more games.

Already in two full games, serving as Ball's replacement, Hillman has both rushed for 100 yards in one and scored two touchdowns in another.

It's hard to imagine that the Broncos would return to Ball who has been nothing if not unproductive during the four full games he's played.

Ronnie Hillman's Fantasy Value Going Forward (October 2014)
Aside from a modestly productive opening game against the Indianapolis Colts, which saw him gain 67 yards on 23 carries (still bad) and score a touchdown, he's scored eight, one and one fantasy points in the three games after that.

Unfortunately for those who spent high draft picks to get him, Ball has been awful.

And if he's out until at least week nine, that gives Hillman plenty of time to solidify himself as the better choice for Denver's backfield.

That is, if he hasn't done so already.

Hillman's Fantasy Outlook

The sample size we get from Hillman is small, but he's proved to be good in the two and a half games played in Peyton Manning's offense.

It also wouldn't be the first time that someone had unseated Ball from his spot on the depth chart.
At this point and for at least the next two weeks, Hillman is a must-own and a must-start.
Last year, Knowshon Moreno was listed as the third back on the Broncos depth chart coming into the regular season, and surpassed both Hillman and Ball for Denver's lead rushing spot. Perhaps, the same thing that "clicked" for Moreno last year, could be clicking for Hillman as well.

He's certainly more of a speed back than Ball is, which might be something that Denver is looking to take advantage of since their receivers tend to back the quicker defenders off the line of scrimmage.

For whatever reason, Ball has not been able to exploit that, and Hillman has.

For fantasy owners, that's a green light to start Hillman and assume that you're getting a 15-25 carry-per-game back depending on the game situation. He had only 14 carries against the San Francisco 49ers but was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter along with the rest of the first team offense.

Had that not happened, we may have seen more carries and production out of Hillman, especially if Denver's lead was small enough that they used their first team offense to run out the clock.

That would have meant plenty of garbage time for Hillman.

Hillman is a Solid RB2 for the Next Two Weeks

At this point and for at least the next two weeks, Hillman is a must-own and a must-start.

When Ball is cleared to play, it might get a little more difficult to be certain of Hillman's value, as he'll likely be involved with a timeshare. That is, unless the Denver coaching staff transparently commits to one back as their lead rusher.

It's also easy to envision a scenario where Ball comes back and they verbally commit to him as their No. 1, but then give Hillman 60 percent of the carries.

Who knows.

But either way, if Hillman continues to help the Broncos avoid being a one-dimensional offense (which they clearly were becoming with Ball), expect him to keep getting RB2-worthy production.

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Carson Palmer's Fantasy Value Against the Oakland Raiders in Week 7

Carson Palmer's Fantasy Value Against the Oakland Raiders in Week 7

Carson Palmer's stock is up.

And it would have been up, even if the Arizona Cardinals weren't playing the Oakland Raiders this week.

But they are, and the Raiders are terrible. Palmer is also reportedly in contract talks with the Cardinals, for what it's worth.

So we like him a little more than usual this week.

Here's a little extra fantasy analysis: Worried about Larry Fitzgerald? His value is going up too. Not that I would recommend starting Palmer and Fitzgerald, but either one could be a solid waiver pickup at this point.

That paragraph was free.

But I assume you want to know whether or not you should start Palmer. Just to kick things off, Matthew Berry thinks you should.

And I agree.

Here's why.

Fitzgerald in Week Six

So maybe the "something extra" has a little more relevancy.

We'll have to charge for these paragraphs.

Seeing Fitzgerald essentially drag a defender into the endzone for his first touchdown of the year was really encouraging, both for him and Palmer's value.

He would total 98 receiving yards before the day was over.

Expect Palmer to try and get the ball into Fitzgerald's hands again this week, since the Cardinals have a unique opportunity to build their No. 1 receiver's confidence. He's still their best offensive weapon and playmaker, if not terrible with the team's backups.

You can't really blame him for that, anyway.

So in simpler terms, I like Fitzgerald this week because I like Palmer, and I like Palmer this week because I like Fitzgerald and believe he's way better than his first five games would indicate.

Palmer has Played Well in Two Games This Year

Palmer has only played in two games this year, but he's tossed two touchdown passes in each game and thrown for 304 and 250 yards respectively.

You're happy if you get those kind of numbers out of your quarterback. And historically, Palmer isn't the type of player who is going to make a lot of mistakes and hurt your fantasy team. He's a facilitator with the arm and skill to do a little more.

So despite the small 2014 sample size, it was encouraging to see him bounce back so quickly in week six and pickup where he left off.

That gives us reason to hope that the strong play will continue as his shoulder heals.

Oakland Against opposing QBs in Fantasy

Oakland hasn't gone a game without allowing at least one touchdown to an opposing QB. In three of those games they've allowed two or more. They don't give up a ton of yards, ranking 11th in passing yards against per game (

But they do give up points, and only have two interceptions on the year.

So it's not exactly the "slam-dunk" matchup that it might sound like just because you hear, "playing the Raiders."

But it's nothing if not favorable for Palmer.

We should also consider that the low number of passing yards the Raiders have allowed is likely because teams don't always need to throw against them. Oakland is 0-5 and have only scored 79 points this years. That's the lowest offensive output in the NFL.

Thus massive yardage is not required.

Bottom Line

A matchup against the Raiders just doesn't put Palmer in a position to hurt your team in any capacity.

Statistical outliers do occur and we should always keep in mind that anything can happen in an NFL game. But the odds are in your favor if you start Palmer this week. So be confident in him going into Sunday if you give him the nod.

If it helps, here are a few QBs I'd start Palmer ahead of in week seven: Cam Newton | Eli Manning | Matt Ryan | Tony Romo | Russel Wilson.

Let me know what you think about Palmer this week over at Twitter and Google Plus.

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Joe Flacco Fantasy Value after Week Six Performance: Fantasy fool's gold?

Should there be a mad dash to pickup Joe Flacco for your fantasy team? Maybe you're the nervous Eli Manning owner or you're in a deep league where you've got to start someone like Jake Locker.

There's no doubt that you and many others will be giving Flacco some thought.

He's only 36 percent owned in ESPN fantasy leagues.

In Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he threw five touchdowns, all in the first half and finished the game with over 300 yards receiving. It was by far his most productive performance on the year.

He also had a three-touchdown and 327 yard performance two weeks earlier.

So what is Flacco's value?

Should we be rushing to pick him up, or is this a temporary run that's not going to be sustained?

Pick him up, if you don't expect five TDs per game...

Putting up such big numbers makes Flacco an enticing pickup, but is that really going to be the new normal for him, considering his history, style of play, the team around him and what he's done the last few years?

Even the last few games tell us a different story.

So picking him up based on the Tampa game alone is bad idea. Because you can't count on him to do that every week, or to even come close.

It's not his M.O.

That said, there is some upside to owning and starting Flacco, assuming you can keep your expectations reasonable.

Flacco Looks Comfortable and in Control

In this year's offense with Steve Smith, Flacco does look unusually comfortable, having thrown for multiple touchdown passes in three of the team's first six games. He also has the Baltimore Ravens looking more like the elite team that they've been for much of the past decade.

And if we're honest, we've never really seen Flacco get to be the spearhead of his team's offense. For the past several years, that role has belonged to Ray Rice.

Now that Rice is gone, it's falling on Flacco to lead his team's offense and to put points on the board.

That's not a scenario that I would assume to be favorable to Flacco, but the numbers don't lie.

Flacco's Impressive Stats

Through six games, Flacco is posting career, and all-around impressive, numbers in several different categories.


Were the season to end today, his 63.6 completion percentage and 97.8 rating would both be the best he's had in his career. What's even more encouraging is that he's only thrown three interceptions, after 22 in 2013.

On paper, he's a good fantasy option, if not a bit unpredictable.

So if we're going to make a smart fantasy move, what do we do with Flacco? There's no denying his recent success, but how do we avoid being over-reactive and assign proper fantasy value to him for the coming weeks?


First, we've got to look at the bigger sample size.

We know that Flacco has flashes of brilliance, but he's not going to put up big numbers every week. On average he's an 15-20 point fantasy QB, not a 30-35 point QB. So just be careful that you don't judge him based on one good (or bad) game.

Second, you're likely debating whether to start him over someone else on your roster. For some quick comparisons, check Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg's rankings on CBS Sports.

Then take your best guess.

Third, start him with the perspective that he's going to have some bad games and probably isn't going to repeat Sunday's performance in this calendar year.

That said, he's a good add for a team in need of help at the QB position.

He might not win you a fantasy championship, but he shouldn't be the reason you lose either.

You and Flacco

What's your take on Flacco's fantasy value going into week seven? Let me know over at Twitter and Google Plus.

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Demarco Murray Fantasy Value Against the Seattle Seahawks: Should you trust him?

Demarco Murray Fantasy Value

From a fantasy perspective, this matchup is as good as it gets.

You have the No. 1 fantasy running back going up against a defense allowing the fewest points to opposing RBs this year.

Thus Demarco Murray versus the Seattle Seahawks defense is truly the clash of the titans.

But if you're a Murray fantasy owner you've got to be asking the question, "Is it wise to start Murray against Seattle's front seven?" Fantasy football is nothing if not cyclical, so there's nothing to say that a number of favorable and unfavorable outcomes aren't possible.

In other words, Seattle could definitely shut him down and make him a non-factor.

However, benching the league's No. 1 rusher isn't smart for a number of reasons.

Murray's Touches

Part of the reason that Murray has been so good is that he's getting an obscene amount of touches this year, on pace for 464 over a 16-game span.

While he isn't likely to sustain that pace, it's the Dallas Cowboys MO for the time being.

Don't expect them to deviate from that gameplan just because the Seahawks are tough to run against. They'll still give Murray the ball because that's what has been working for them. If it doesn't work and they have to change course, you can still hope for Murray to get involved in the passing game.

Murray's 2014 Receiving Stats


The goose egg under the TD column isn't encouraging, but the point is that Murray will find a way to be involved in the Cowboys offense.

Lack of Alternatives

The second thing you've got to consider if you're actually going to bench Murray, is simply who to replace him with.

Maybe you're stacked at RB and you can put someone in with a better matchup.

But even then, there hasn't been any RB who has been as consistent and gotten as much work as Murray has. Thus it just wouldn't be practical to plugin somebody else who might have a better matchup, but won't be having the same kind of production or workload up to this point.

You Don't "Play the Matchups" with Your Big Names

You can take weekly flyers on DSTs, kickers and speculative players who you think might breakout on a given week. But you don't play that game with your studs and star players. Especially those who are having great years and that you had to spend a first or second round draft pick to get.

Getting Murray on your roster meant you had to spend a second round pick, and since he's performing, he shouldn't be relegated to your bench just because of a poor matchup.

How do you think fantasy owners felt after benching Philip Rivers against the Seahawks in week two?


Our answer to the question of whether or not you should trust Murray against the Seahawks, is a resounding yes. That's not to take anything away from the reality of what Seattle can do to fantasy teams.

They can ruin everything.

But if there's one man that you'd trust to buck that trend this week, it would be Murray. Start him and keep your fingers crossed.

I'm not saying you'll feel good about it.

Wiki Media Commons Image Courtesy of 15th Wing